VERT fitness

VERT "bi-directional" exercise allows the training of two or more opposing muscle groups at the same time. We all know it is harder to climb up stairs than down stairs. When lifting a weight it's like going up the stairs and lowering the weight is like going down the stairs. VERT bi-directional exercise eliminates the lowering-or "negative"-part of the repetition. A muscle contracts on the way up and the opposing muscle contracts to go down. Because VERT has the user going "up the stairs" twice in the same repetition, there is greater work, more calories are burned, and greater efficiency of muscle use is achieved.

With traditional types of workouts, you workout one muscle at a time. For example when you perform a leg extension with weights or conventional isolation machines, you use the muscles in the front of your thighs only. You have to go to a different machine to use the muscles for the back of your thighs.

But VERT'S principle of "bi-directional" training allows for working out several muscle groups at the same time. Each direction is independently programmed and controlled by VERT'S exclusive on-board computer.

What's more, if you do four sets on traditional leg extension and leg curl machines, it could take as much as 20 minutes to complete your total leg workout. With VERT, you can do four sets of leg extension and leg curls that train all these muscle groups in less than three minutes.

VERT Fitness