VERT fitness


What do large muscles and the amount of weight a person can lift have to do with performance? Big muscles and how much a person can lift is not the measure of how well a person can perform. VERT can measure, record and display how much power is being generated, how much work is being performed. VERT trains for GO, not SHOW.

1. Force: A push or pull of the muscle or group of muscles on another object.

2. Strength: The maximum force a muscle or a group of muscles can generate.

3. Power: Force times distance relative to time (F x D ÷ T). If two people move the same amount of weight the same distance, but one person can do it in half the time they both may have the same strength but the faster person is more powerful.

4. Work: Force acting through distance. A foot pound of work is the force required to move one pound one foot. If two people do a twenty pound arm curl they are both lifting 20 pounds, but the person with the longer arms has to move the weight through a longer distance, thus he does more work even though they are lifting the same amount of weight.

VERT Fitness