VERT fitness
VERT provides an accommodating resistance, that is, the exercise resistance is directly proportional to the intensity of effort applied by the exercising user. This feature is uniquely advantageous in rehabilitation and training, as the exercise resistance automatically accommodates to varying strength levels throughout the range of motion of the exercise, from repetition to repetition throughout the duration of the exercise, and from session to session throughout the complete rehabilitative or training process. The phenomenon of varying force output in a single movement is a consequence of the biomechanics of the joint system and the physiological length-tension curve of the musculo-tendinous unit. The actual muscular force output varies through the range of motion based upon the interaction of the muscle and bones. Variable force, then, is characteristic of virtually every human movement. Only intelligent system, such VERT, can precisely accommodate the resistance.

Because of the body lever system, even if a muscle contracts with exactly the same force throughout the movement, the resultant force on the end of the lever arm such as the hand or foot, varies at each position in the range of motion. As the athlete or the patient's strength varies due to change in the mechanical advantage of the linkage of his limbs, and also due to fatigue with each subsequent repetition, the accommodating computerized system responds instantly, automatically varying the force to match exactly that being applied by the athlete or the patient. Only a computerized controlled system can achieve this effect.

VERT assists the coach or the physical therapist to determine the load that should be put on a joint or limb for a particular exercise, or for a particular rehabilitation session, as this is accomplished automatically by the computer as the patient or athlete applies force to the exercise system. The optimum rate of improvement for each patient or athlete is achieved using the appropriate exercise intensity in each movement and exercise. By providing automatic instantaneous accommodating resistance proportional to the patient's or athlete's training progress, VERT is the safest and most effective exercise method available. As the exercise apparatus develops resistance only in proportion to the amount of force the patient applies, there is little danger of over stressing muscles, joints or connective tissues.

VERT Fitness