VERT fitness

Just as a continuously varying force output is characteristic of natural movement, so too is variable velocity. Nearly all movement involved acceleration. When a javelin thrower releases the javelin, the angular velocity at the shoulder joint accelerates from a speed of zero to about 4,000 degrees per second and when a baseball pitcher throws a fast ball, his arm accelerates to nearly 6,000 degrees per second. Just as in athletics, acceleration is also involved in the natural activities of daily life. In walking for example, the angular velocity about the knee alternately accelerates and decelerates between zero and approximately 360 degrees per second, and when running the velocity approaches 1,500 degrees per second.

In order to train with similar neuromuscular patterns that occur in real life, it is necessary to program the movement to this natural phenomenon. Only VERT establishes this today.

In restoring normal functionality then, acceleration and high velocity exercises are essential components of the therapeutic of training process.

With the ability to program VERT to operate in specific velocities throughout the range of movement from zero to over 1,000 degrees per second, VERT distinguishes itself from any available modalities today. As the operating velocity of VERT varies automatically throughout the range of motion, it trains the neuromuscular system in the most efficient method to achieve optimal results. VERT provides the appropriate resistance for each exercise, while approximating the acceleration patterns encountered in natural movements. This is the greatest achievement in intelligent exercise systems today and for the future. VERT thereby approaches ultimate specificity in recruiting and training the appropriate muscle fibers and neuromuscular pathways associated with each position in the range of motion of an exercise.

VERT Fitness